The express lane of app development for supply-chain partners

AppXpress is a custom app development architecture based on the Infor Nexus Platform. AppXpress enables you to quickly develop and deploy platform apps that create new objects, workflows, etc. directly inside the Infor Nexus system, or you can build external applications that integrate with the Infor Nexus system via the cloud-based API. Read our Get Started Guide to begin. If you need an Infor Nexus developer sandbox, please sign up here.

Platform Apps

Create new object types, relationships, workflows, and custom scripts directly on the Infor Nexus Platform. Single-click deploy to production.

Rest API

Build your own app and custom user interface in any programming language while leveraging real time data using the Infor Nexus REST API. Access standard native objects or build your own schemas and workflow using custom objects.

Solutions Built with AppXpress

Trading Partner Management

Goal: Broaden, centralize & configure supply chain transparency on the platform


  • Designed AppXpress Custom Objects to build a system to track supply chain partners
  • Streamline partner onboarding
  • Monitor partner capabilities, environmental impact, certifications and compliance using questionnaires
  • Identify and act upon issues within the a global, interconnected network of factories

Quality Assurance App

Goal: Automate process of auditing supply chain partners


  • Built an iPad application that tracks inspection data in real time
  • Defects are photographed, ensuring transparency across the supply chain
  • The process is more efficient, more accurate and the focus is on quality, not forms

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